Honey Corner Roti Goyang Georgetown

When it comes to small stalls, they may not be fine or exclusive but the pleasure that they bring into our lives are just as, if not more, fulfilling. That is the case with Honey Corner Roti Goyang. Located at Jalan Pintal Tali, also known as Rope Walk, it has been around long enough that Penangites know where to get their daily fix to start the day. Operated in a very simplistic setting, with food court tables that’s connected with chairs, some tables are also laid out with patterned plastic cloth to add just a tiny hint of difference, Honey Corner Roti Goyang is all about good food in a humble setting. Still, all those do not deter anyone from enjoying what Honey Corner does best.

Famously known for their breakfast menu of roti bakar or toasts, this common dish is made spectacular in their own way. While one could still get normal bread, spread with butter and toasted, why not up the stakes and get the various fillings available to put on top of your toast? Think two poached egg that wiggles when you shake the plate, with a side of baked beans, topped off with simple slice cheese broken into pieces, then finished off with a sprinkle of black pepper. The fact that something like toast can be made incredible is just one of the things you never knew you needed in your life. If you haven’t already made the connection, the ‘goyang’ part of the stall name refers to the wiggly poached egg, where the slightest poke would result in gooey egg yolk running down the toast. Sometimes life’s great pleasure comes in small, meaningless offerings but it is the kind that would make one appreciates it a little bit more. 

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