Mostly hidden in a rather miss-able shop lot, Eté café (which means Summer Café in French) is considered a hidden gem for those café hunting enthusiasts. The ones who run the place are a friendly Taiwanese couple whom has baking qualifications from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris therefore you might be able to expect a few mouth-watering handcrafted desserts in the chiller as well as pastries.

The interior might not be as attractive like those other hipster cafes but it is created to look and feel as homely as possible. Their furniture is fully handmade with wood and as small as cafes go, they accommodate about less than 7 tables. Nevertheless, it is not a café to be missed out because how often do you get the chance to eat affordable French pastries?

Let us first speak about their coffees. All their coffee beans are very much imported from different countries to fit their crafted beverages. It is always nice to have your coffee freshly brewed from their variety of beans and most of it are using the siphon method. The list of coffee beans can be seen on the menu and depending on the flavour and aroma, you are able to decide based on your own preference.

As for desserts, they are mainly the French kind but because they choose the ones that will fit the Malaysian palate more like the macarons, Alhambra, Tarte Normande and the crunchy fromage baton. But if you are not that adventurous, you can still opt for their cakes like the chocolate flavoured one. They have included the renowned Taiwanese Beef Noodles and a number of savoury quiches if you are more than interested to give them a try.

For those who are very much interested in taking up baking lessons, they are open in taking in those who are eager to learn but of course it comes with a price. 

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