If you ask around for a fine dining restaurant in Penang, you’re probably going to hear the name of this one. With a 20 year background that started in London, Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine brings forth the best of authentic SzeChuan, Hunan, Mongolian and Northern Beijing cuisine to our soil. Although staying true to its Chinese food theme, be pleasantly surprised by its interior decoration that stresses modernism while coexisting with culture and history.

Like most fine dining restaurants, servings here go by a specific dedicated meal courses; order according to the size of your party, and satisfaction is on your way. Each sitting will be set with hand-painted ceramic plates, which guests can take the time to admire before being served by their professionally trained staff. Generally, regardless of which meal courses decided on, the food are pretty much the same; it’s just a matter of how many kinds one get to sample. From their Heavenly Blessed Joysticks of Pacific clam, sea cucumber, sea asparagus, black fungus and prawn in a bamboo bowl, to the SzeChuan Flamed Codfish Soup with the flames served along, ride along the myriad of taste and seafood sensation at Chin’s. The restaurant is best known for its poultry dish, the Aromatic Crispy Duck. Every serving of a crispy roasted quarter chicken, a server would personally shred the duck for customers to enjoy with Chin’s signature duck sauce, spring onions, cucumbers, and chopped green chillies, all wrapped up in Chinese pancakes. This dish is a sure winner as claimed by the restaurant and its customers as the signature must-try dish. A restaurant that is multi-certified by the UK and US magazines as the Best Chinese Restaurant, expect only the best to come out of their kitchen.