Malaysian's are in love with and are all too familiar with satay, a timeless local delicacy. That said, the delicacy can take on different variations that a large number of Malaysians might not be very familiar with. This brings us to the satay stall located along Bangkok Lane, who specialises in Hainanese satay. The stall is currently being run by a man known to most of us as Uncle Aun. Uncle Aun is currently upholding the Hainanese satay recipe taught to him by his father, who was also a very well-known satay seller. Uncle Aun has taken over from his father for more than 20 years now, with great success.

As far as how the Hainanese satay here differs from that of the satay most of us are used to, the predominant protein used here is pork, as opposed to the more commonly used chicken or beef skewers. Then there's the marinade, which is a unique concoction that's comprised of coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass, cumin & other spices that help set it apart from it's honey & lemongrass counterpart. As for the sauce, it's made up of potatoes, chilies and sour plum, which is in significant contrast to the peanut and spice sauce commonly used in most plates of satay. A neat extra at this satay stall is toasted bread that's spread with the same marinade used for the pork skewers, which comes in handy when mopping up the excess sauce from the plate.

So considering the fact that Hainanese satay stalls are already a rarity as it is, the satay stall at Bangkok Lane should already be in your bucket list by now.

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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