The name never ceases to catch people’s attention especially among the Penangites where Bangkok Lane that is situated in Penang has always been known to house a few famous mee goreng stalls that pretty much are interesting to know that the stalls are not directly housed on Bangkok Lane itself but rather facing Lorong Bangkok rather than the main road. The stall or shop does not possesses a sign board bearing the name Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng but considering the amount of crowds lining up to get a piece of their artwork is quite massive, pretty sure this stall does not need to bear for such signage and can easily be spotted even from metres away but if ever confusion comes along, the shop is located next to Seng Lee Coffee Shop and you can always ‘waze’ your way there.

The ever succulent looking mee goreng is apparently the result of expertise and skills churned throughout time where, get this, this famous mee goreng has been around for more than 80 years! Till to date it has stood against the test of time and probably in the next generations to come. The stall is manned by a duo of father and son where the son would mostly do the cooking; perhaps it is suffice to say that the son has received well the expertise of the forefathers before him. What stands out the most about this mee goreng apart from the normal ones is the eye catching red gravy that coats the moist noodle where the dish can be added with squid, eggs, or simply turn it into mee rebus – pretty much a mee goreng that is covered in yards of thick gravy of which it is beyond delicious and cannot be missed!

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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