Situated in Tanjung Tokong, Penang, this decades-long business was started by the parents and now has passed on to the current owners. A family run business, the food served here is very simple and minimal but full of great taste. Operating in a food court in a low cost flats area, it is quite unlikely to discover unless you know a local that knows the area. Even so, some were fortunate to have set foot and sample the greatness that is Ah Wang Café. The shop has a number of seating, which could still pose a problem comes busy days, and kept clean. The open air concept allows natural breeze to flow in, adding to the local experience. Customers are usually regulars who have been coming here for years, with few new exceptions.

The menu here is limited as they only sell what they do best. The dish that is always at the tip of people’s tongue is the homemade kaya. Made from only coconut milk, sugar and eggs, the result is this custard-like jam that is just on the right side of sweet. The café does sell their kaya by the containers to bring home but another way to enjoy them is through the Roti Bakar at Ah Wang. With four types of bread to choose from; Bengali (Indian bread), Wholemeal Bengali, Buns, and normal White Bread, customers have plenty of choices for their toast. The fillings come in options of Butter and Sugar, Butter and Kaya, or just Kaya.

Unlike most local coffee shops, Ah Wang Café runs from noon to evening so the dishes cater to more for tea rather than breakfast. Other things on the menu also include Half-boiled Egg, Ah Wang’s awesome local Coffee (black or with condensed milk), and Lime Barley drink.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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