59 Sixty Dining Room & Bar Georgetown

Located on the 59th floor of the iconic Komtar Tower, Penang, 59sixty has 360 seats and can accommodate cocktail parties, wedding receptions, private dinners and events for a thousand guests.

With the 59th floor operated as the buffet restaurant and 60th for bar, this place is perfect for a short break of your hectic life and enjoy your meal with the wonderful picturesque view of Penang before your eyes.You will be amazed by the stunning Mediterranean themed of blue and white interior, and the glass windows that brought in rays of sunlight for an Instagram-worthy picture.

Menu wise, you will be served with an International-themed buffet that includes local delights, Japanese delicacies, Chinese Dim Sum, Thai cuisine, Italian gourmet, and other Western gastronomy.

The buffets change according to festive seasons like Christmas, and Ramadhan. The food selections are not bad too. If you are lucky, you can even spot big-sized lobsters and oysters. Salad bar, hot dish section, and many other stations are available at every corner to dish out different style of cooking.

 After filling your tummy with all the delicious delicacies, you might want to end your meal with some desserts. Various selections of pastries, cakes, Malay kuih, ice kacang, fondue and freshly cut fruit can be chosen at the dessert bar. However, diners love having the signature fried ice cream that can be prepared instantly. The fried ice cream is dissolutely creamy with a hint of fruitiness.

Why not take a break from your busy schedule and come here to enjoy the amazing view while indulging in scrumptious and delectable International Buffet.