Located near the center of Georgetown in Jalan Perak lies 2828 Cafe, a corner lot that's a hawker stall outlet in the afternoon, and a full-fledged restaurant at night. The restaurant has been around for many years now and like most hawker stall outlets out there, there is always an abundance of food to be had.

Some of the food options here include nasi lemak, nasi campur, char kuey teow, satay, chicken wings, satay, and a few others. That said, chief among the food choices here at 2828 Cafe is without a doubt the beef soup. The stall is located just below the signboard of the cafe, thus being front and center where the cafes concerned. The stall sure knows how to fit the role well as the cafe is crammed with people who are itching to have their share of the beef soup here. The bowl of soup is quite simple for the most part, with ingredients such as beef balls, beef slices, beef intestines and also some spring onions as a topping. The bowl of beef noodles can either be had with white rice or kuey teow as well as a side of bean sprouts. It is often recommended that you come here a little later to get a more flavourful broth, but it will likely be at the expense of getting a good place to sit.

In short, there are very few places that will pull off a great bowl of clear beef soup at an affordable price, so making the trip to 2828 Cafe to enjoy this treat is well worth it.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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