Are you in the Seremban 2 vicinity and have the need to try new seafood flavours, Ria Seaview Seafood is the place for you! They serve a variety of dishes and flavours paired with them for a decent price.

Ria Seaview Seafood is located in Seremban 2, in a fairly new area of the city. The area is commonly called Centrio by the residents of Seremban 2, which contains a variety of shops and restaurants that provide different services. The location is commonly visited by residents for their wants and needs, as they have a variety of restaurants and it is a strategic location due to its popularity and surroundings.

Ria Seaview Seafood is a Chinese-Muslim Seafood restaurant that serves a variety of dishes and drinks. Some of the dishes served vary from prawns to vegetable and crab. During Malaysian festivities, the restaurant serves each occasion with different dishes customized to the match the occasion. They provide promotions for the occasions, providing better deals and at times, new dishes.

It is found that the customers are fairly satisfied with the dishes prepared and served by the restaurant. The dishes are fairly sized and match the prices, providing a variety of flavours, sizes and dishes. A fair amount of ingredients are included and used in each dish, allowing a variety of flavours to be experienced.

To experience something new that has never been tried before, Ria Seaview Seafood is the place to experience it.

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