From the name Wok & Pan, Wok stands for the Nyonya cuisine and Pan stands for the Western cuisine. So you could guess that this eatery sells a blend of totally different style of food, good for those of you who plan on going there with your friends, or whoever, that does not like one style or the other. The chef and owner, Mr Richard Lim begun business at this humble shop back in 2005 after retiring. He has nearly four decade’s worth of experience in the culinary industry and previously worked as an executive chef at the Renaissance Hotel in Melaka for nearly a couple of decades. 

Being in that line, you would expect him to be an expert in food, more specifically, western and Asian style food. His other cooking skills includes pantry and baking. About the shop, it is situated in Plaza Mahkota, a stones’ throw away from the very popular Mahkota Parade Shopping Complex, a humble and simple yet cosy shop which very much matches the ambience of the place. 

Among their signature dishes includes the BBQ smoked honey pork ribs, claimed to be the best in Melaka. Other western dishes to try includes, their burger, more specifically, Chef’s Pork Burger, with crispy pork cutlet and egg served with French fries. Nyonya dishes are not excluded as well. Do not hesitate to try out their style of Hokkien mee and their Portuguese Baked Fish Jenat. The list of nyonya dishes is worth trying. Desserts and pasta are also available here. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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