Any avid traveller that has gone to Melaka would have been familiar with Melaka’s famous river straits along Lorong Hang Jebat especially when the road and neighbourhood houses tourist attractions of chill out bars and pub grub for a grab of one pint of beer. Among the many restaurants and pub situated under the old building along building at Jonker Street, sits Tuk Tuk Kitchen and bar, serving authentic Thai delicacies roofed below an old heritage building in the midst of Jonker Street. Pretty much alike of dining in a vintage and hipster cafe while munching on some fine Thai dishes in the heart of Melaka. The combination of both of those sounds tempting but what makes the place great is the food itself. Arrays of Thai specialties and street food such as Boat Noodle, Tom Yam, Pad Thai or perhaps a much lighter bowl of salad can be gotten during the day, and during night time, Tuk Tuk will make the scene of turning 180 degree twist on itself by emphasising on barbecue steamboat galore.

Apart the from the food, most of Tuk Tuk Kitchen & Bar’s attraction goes to settings of the place synonymously familiar with an old vintage house filled with aged furniture that probably has been around for decades. At night, Tuk Tuk’s breathtaking view can be witnessed at the second floor balcony with stretch of a bar-like table overlooking Malacca river – how intriguing! The best part lies on the fact that although the house is situated in between the busiest road of Melaka but the overall experience of dining here will not burn any hole in your pocket.

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