Simply located within the walls of Mimosa Hotel (or old Lian Fatt building), it is not very hard to find this particular Nyonya restaurant. Though located shyly at the right side of the building, there is a large Instagram-worthy lovely mural around the entrance illustrating the daily lives of the people back in the days in Malacca. As you step inside Samfu Nyonya Restaurant, be prepared to be further delighted with its charming yet cosy interior adorned with colourful chairs and flowers contrasting another elegant mural of a woman along with warm dimmed lights for further cosy ambience as you indulge on their mix of authentic Peranakan and non-Peranakan cuisine.

While you are there, similar yet distinctive Peranakan dishes can be found at Samfu. Do not miss one of their signature dishes that is the crispy and fragrant Babi Cili Garam. Their Pongteh, another signature is a thick and flavourful dish cooked along with carefully braised meat that tastes neither too sweet nor salty. Only available on the weekends, Itik Tim also makes the list of signatures. Their Pork Ribs Balinese, however, is suitable for palates wanting a wee bit different than a Peranakan dish. Tender, hearty, spicy, fragrant with chillies, garlic and pandan leaves, the pork ribs will delight you as other dishes would. What would be the perfect companion to these dishes? Of course a plate of warm white rice would most definitely do the trick.

When you are in Malacca, you should not pass a flavourful bowl of chendol. Here at Samfu, a delectable bowl of Chendol holds shaved ice drizzled generously with sweet and rich Gula Melaka with fresh coconut milk along with kidney beans and cendol. Lemongrass with Ginger drink is a perfect accompaniment for your meal. The drink is uniquely served in an old-fashioned hot tumbler.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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