Malacca has been known as one of the best places in Malaysia to tour if you're ever on a gourmet trail searching for good eats throughout the peninsula. Home to much of Peranakan (Strait Chinese or Nyonya) cuisines, this is one state where you can find yourself savouring good traditional food with the warmth of hearth and home. And in one particular Nyonya Makko restaurant in Bandar Hilir Melaka, you are sure to find yourself amidst food fares that would bring you homey, hearty goodness.

Known to many locals and tourists as a reputable Nyonya restaurant selling rather decadent home-cooked Nyonya cuisines, the standard fare comes in the form of poultry, seafood, vegetables and of course, desserts to help wash down your meals. In addressing the poultry dishes, Nyonya Makko's best recommended chicken dish comes in the form of the Pong Teh chicken which is essentially succulent chicken braised in thick and creamy yam gravy accompanied by chunks of potatoes.

As for their seafood, patrons can opt for either their prawn dish or fish dish but why stop at one when you can go for both to enjoy the best out of both worlds. In essence, their best prawn dish is the Lemak Nanas Udang, where big fat prawns are fried until they obtained the signature reddish hue before being lathered with copious amount of sweet, spicy and sourish cream derived from a tantalising mixture of pineapple, coconut milk and other ingredients. For their fish dish, try between their assam fish or fried fish accompanied by chilli paste. Squids are also served here, where their signature squid dish comes in the form of Sambal Sotong Petai.

In terms of vegetables, patrons will do no wrong if they choose to sample Nyonya Makko's Paku Belacan, which is essentially spinach cooked with aromatic shrimp paste. For those who have a soft spot for belacan, this is the dish meant for you. To wrap up your meal at Nyonya Makko, patrons can also sample a bowl of cendol, accompanied with a serving of home-made potato chips.

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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