Restoran Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball

Most establishments that sell Malacca's infamous Chicken Rice Ball are Chinese and therefore only appeal to certain groups of people. Ee Ji Ban did something different and serves a neutral Chicken Rice Ball that can be enjoyed by more people, by introducing the only halal chicken rice ball in Malacca. The owner of Ee Ji Ban is Chinese, so the authenticity of the dish is preserved. Not only that, the restaurant is so famous that it has housed television programs, filming, interviews and the attendance of popular local celebrities.

Being a halal Chinese restaurant does not deter the owner in showcasing a traditional Chinese restaurant. One look from the outside, one would not think this restaurant is safe to eat for certain religions but the front of the restaurant is littered with testimonies of the restaurant’s credibility in serving halal food.

The chicken rice here is served of a choice of boiled or roasted chicken, as a whole or half a chicken, also with the option to mix the two types of chicken. Along with rice balls, customers usually would order other dishes as sides. The most famous dish here is of course Chicken Rice Ball but Ee Ji Ban also serves a variety of Nyonya heritage dishes. Among them are Fried Chilli Prawn and Squid, Assam Pedas Snapper, and fried vegetables.

Ee Ji Ban has been gaining a steady stream of customers all this time and does not look like they will be stopping anytime soon. While the price may be slightly higher than their non-halal competitors, the guarantee of food quality would interest a bigger market. No matter the price tag, people would find themselves coming again with the promise of good food and friendly service. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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