Restoran Barkat Roti John Asli Melaka

Roti John is one of the famous food in Malaysia and we can usually find it at some road side stalls or night markets. No matter where you go, they all taste pretty much the same. If you want to experience a different version and of course a tastier one, come down to Melaka and drop by Restaurant Barkat. However, it might be hard to find the restaurant since it is located quite far from the city centre. Use your powerful GPS, and voila! You’ll reach to your destination safe and sound. The factor that makes their version much better than the regular ones is definitely their use of ingredients. Instead of using the usual sardine or minced meat with eggs, this one uses lots of pounded anchovies. Crunchy and fragrant – scrumptious!


You might find it lacking of mayonnaise, cucumber, and other usual ingredients in a roti john. To replace the devoid, chili dipping sauce are served together with the dish. You will realise how the fillings are much more savoury in comparison to the KL version. This is all due to the special recipe that involves anchovies and parsley. Another famous dish to look forward to is the roasted chicken or known as “Ayam Golek”. You will definitely fall in love with it at the first sight – shiny and caramelized looking skin. Although the seasoning and flavour of the chicken can be improvised, the chicken meat is undeniably juicy and tender. So while you are busy exploring the historical city of Melaka, why not drop by Restoran Bakar and taste a piece of Melaka’s specialty.

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