Established in 1996, back then the restaurant was run by Uncle and Aunty Lee that came from the Peranakan lineage and wanted to share the generation legacy cuisine with the people in Melaka and interested tourists. Peranakan cuisine is so complex that in the old age, it wasn’t commercialised in shops as most of the dishes take quite some time that it is only cooked in homes.

Starting from the 80s, a few shops specialising in Peranakan cuisine open their doors and Restoran Aunty Lee (the official name) joined the small legion soon after. Having been in the business for 20 years, the helm is no longer hold by the Lee’s but instead has been passed down to a local Malaccan-Eurasian chef that managed to replicate Aunty Lee’s lovable dishes as it once was. Also, it's easily identified with a purple facade with great work of art and a huge signboard. 

Peranakan cuisine is a fusion between Chinese and Malay-Indonesian tastes that resulted in a similar yet different variety of dishes altogether. Ikan Chilli Garam is a fish of choice, deep fried and topped with Chilli-Tamarind and local spice paste is the ultimate dish out of Aunty Lee’s many signature dishes.

The Nyonya Otak-otak follows more of the Singapore style rather than the Malacca version of this ground fish cake. Buah Keluak is a delicacy that is uniquely Southeast Asian, used in cooking and one of them is Aunty Lee’s Chicken with Buah Keluak. The strong taste and smell from the various ingredients used ensure a win for this dish.

If you prefer something hands-on and pretty fun, check out their Pai Tee set, where the crispy hats come unfilled to the table, yet tagged along julienned jicama, bean sprouts, cucumbers, prawns and chilli condiment separately. 

A popular spot for people looking to try authentic Peranakan cuisine, the restaurant is almost always full especially come weekends and public holidays. It is much encouraged to reserve beforehand if you ever decide to visit during these times. Other signatures also include the Itik Tim Soup, Cincalok Omelette, Sambal Petai Prawns, and the must try Cendol

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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