Our Place Nyonya Cafe Restaurant Melaka

A place where you can actually call home serving the best local Peranakan food that you won't be able to find in the commercialised streets of Malacca. Owned by the friendly Ms Susan Koh that welcomes all with a smile and cooks up the warmest dishes. Home cook Nyonya food all the way where you will not be disappointed.

Located in the suburbs where it starts to get crowded during lunch hours. When you first walk in, it will feel as if you are walking into your own house dining room. Cozy interior and air conditioned to keep you cool.

You can start off with the daily selections that she has on the chalkboards, however dishes vary according to seasonal availability. Each serve of plain rice is accompanied with a plate of stir-fried mixed vegetables to give a balance meal. Just simply let Ms Susan know how much portion you want for each dish and it will be well prepared to your liking. For the time and work used into serving all these heartwarming tasty dishes, the price is greatly reasonable too.

For a cooling drink, start off with their Signature Serai Ginger Pandan drink or my personal favourite which is the Soursop drink. Order up the Pongteh Ayam + Bak that is filled with savoury chicken and big chunks of soft potatoes or tryout their Bak Asam Garam which is also known as Bak Asin. Do come by on Saturday mornings as their famous Nyonya Laksa will only be served then. So start off your weekend mornings with something spicy and savoury.

Don't think twice about this place as they offer authentic home cook Peranakan food where most places can't and the price itself won't break your wallet. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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