Nadeje is one of Malacca’s renowned cafés that serves various sweet surprises to their loyal customers. Originated in 2006, this well-known café has established its name for serving one of the best mille crepe in Malaysia. Not only that, they are also recognize for their fresh and finest quality ingredients.

Wait a minute! What exactly is a mille crepe? It’s a dessert that speaks French. As you already know, crepe is a French delicacy that can be served with different kinds of fillings. Mille crepe can be directly translated as thousand layers of crepes. So, they take thin layers of crepes, stack them on top of each other with different cream flavours in between the pile. What’s not to love about a thousand layers of crepe with cream?

Nadeje provides a wide array of mille crepe cakes. There is the famous original mille crepe, the Green Tea Mille Cake, the Cheese Mille Cake, the Tiramisu Mille Crepe, and so much more. Each one of them have their own unique delightful taste.

Apart from their legendary layered cakes, this 10-year-old café also serves assorted varieties of tarts, cakes, and other wonderful desserts. To smooth down the sweetness from the cakes, you can order the array of beverages available on the menu. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, they have it all.


If you are planning on getting one of your favourite mille crepe cakes, do come early and avoid tea-time. This is to skip all the queueing and have a taste of their famous mille crepe without having to wait. 

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