To ensure you have a happy tummy during your next visit to Melaka, Mamee Jonker House is there to fulfil your hungry needs. Located in a Pre-war heritage building Started in 2013, Mamee Jonker House had been known to the public for their uniqueness, which is a combination of a restaurant and workshop. Not only can you enjoy delicious Melakan favourite foods, but you also can have fun producing your very own customized Mamee products such as Mamee cup noodles and Mamee Monster Snack, all in one place! Double the fun!

Serving up some of Melaka’s iconic foods, their Hainanese Chicken rice ball and Mee Bodoh with prawns are our recommended dishes. Mamee Jonker House’s number 1 dish is the Hainanese Chicken rice balls with steamed or roasted chicken are popular among locals and tourists. Made from chicken rice being pressed and rolled into a ball, each savoury chicken rice ball is handmade with tender and care. Their house special condiments like chilli, minced ginger and dark rich soy sauce are a must to be paired together with the dish. Definitely a must-try when visiting Melaka!

New on the menu is another Melakan favourite, the Mee Bodoh are noodles and prawns fried with sambal to enhance the rich flavour of the noodles. In a single bite, we tasted the freshness of thin cucumber slices, the sourness of lime, and the spiciness of the noodles which mixed well that will awaken your taste buds.

Besides their two signature dishes, the steamy Nasi lemak Ayam Berempah and Curry Laksa is a must try here. It’s a dish that everyone loves. The spiciness of the Nasi Lemak sambal is just right and the creaminess of the curry laksa is perfect. 


Another dish worth mentioning is their Daebak chicken wings. This is another dish that has got everyone at the edge of their seat. This crispy Korean fried chicken wings is glazed in a sticky, sweet, and spicy sauce. It will leave you licking your finger once you’re done eating it.

 Also, it’s great to know that all the food in Mamee Jonker House is Halal-certified. Enjoy your meal there and moments with your family, friends and loved ones!

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