Located right inside the Estadia Hotel in the heart of Malacca city, Makan Nyonya - as the name aptly states - serves as a restaurant where one can opt to dine into renown Peranakan delicacies, something that the state of Malacca has always been famous for. Coupled with the quaint interior design accentuated by the presence of Peranakan tiffin carriers, patrons will definitely be immersed in a full Peranakan dining experience.

Nestled on level 3 of the hotel, the restaurant opens its doors daily from the wee early hours of the day, catering to breakfast wants and operating throughout the day pass noon and well into the night, all the while serving trademark Nyonya dishes.

Menu-wise, Makan Nyonya features a selection of authentic Nyonya dishes that will bring about a reminiscence of the olden days of Malacca, where cultures of different ethnicity come together in harmony. For starters, Makan Nyonya has up its sleeves authentic an appetiser like no other -the Nyonya Ikan Bilis. Coming in the form of crunchy deep fried anchovies (think Kerabu) accompanied with onions, chilli and lemongrass, the spiciness and sourness derived from the dish is a perfect palate-opener, awakening your taste-buds with every bite.

As for their main course, Makan Nyonya's signature comes in the form of Peranakan Fish Head Assam Curry which is delightfully exquisite due to the combination of taste involved. Sour, savoury and spicy, with a slight hint of sweetness, the dish is more than capable to stand on its own without the accompaniment of any side dishes. White rice goes best with the assam curry.

Aside from that, their Sambal Petai Prawns and also Lady's Finger Sambal Belacan is also one of their frequently ordered dishes. Fragrant due to the naturally pungent smell of belacan, infused with spiciness of the sambal, it's more than able to get your appetite going. Do you smell the conspiracy behind it? Totally saw what you did there, Makan Nyonya.

But of course, Makan Nyonya does not just cater on an ala carte basis. On the contrary, they sport a Peranakan high tea styled buffet as well. For RM60.00 per head, you can eat your fill of anything and everything served on the elegant food trays of Makan Nyonya.