In the heart of Melaka lies many treasured savouries that could keep you craving for more. One of the many chosen food treasures comes from Kedai Kopi and Makanan Oriental Café. This café is located at Jalan Tengkera where the Jonker Walk is close by. The restaurant has been one of Melaka’s old time favourites and is still remaining as one of the best local food in Melaka.

The restaurant’s concept is pretty much like an ordinary small kopitiam shop. The stall is situated right outside of the café where customers usually order their meals first. The condition of the restaurant may be quite warm and cramp due to the small space of the café. The arrangement of the table and chairs are arranged like your typical café shop only take note that it may not be as spacious due to the infrastructure of the building.

The Oriental Café serves one of Melaka’s best popiah and Hee Kiaw noodles (fish ball noodles). These two oriental cuisines have been the local’s favourite pastime dish. The popiah is done by using fresh ingredients every day. Whereas, the Hee Kiaw noodles comes in a range of kuey teow, bee hoon or yellow noodles which can cook in the dry style (dark soy sauce) or in soup.     

The overall service and value for the food are reasonable. If you’re thinking of dropping a visit to this little café, take note that the café is off on every Monday & Tuesday. The only down point is that there is very limited parking space as the coffee shop is located along the main Tengkera road. The crowd starts coming in from 11:30am onwards during weekends and office lunch hours during weekdays so do make sure that you don’t get tangled up in the web of other hungry goers.