Kafe Agus Roti John is a small gem that hide itself within the stretch of stalls at Medan Selera Bukit Beruang Melaka. But the term ‘small’ does not seem to be fitting the scene at Kafe Agus since the place is always filled with patrons and the significant spacious space in front of the stall to cater for the customers is extended to almost at the side of the road. Perhaps it is time to give a wild recognition on Kafe Agus’s delectable dishes that it serves including our Malaysian local favourite of nasi lemak, simple rendition of chicken chop yet tasty, and of course, Kafe Agus’ prize winner Roti John that seems to be a celebrity above all others.

Claim to be one of the best roti johns around, this cafe roti john stands out as the buns are packed with layers of omelette with melted cheese that can be seen drooling out in between the rolls of buns which succulently lure its eaters to munch on another one as if the already 6 inch bun is not enough to fill in angry hungry stomach. Apparently Kafe Agus’s chicken chop is also a hit among regulars and when mentioning regulars, this simplified version of chicken chop is being fitting that can be made as daily lunch fix and it is priced reasonably. As a small humble beginning that started off as a small burger stall, Kafe Agus Roti John has expanded itself to a cafe and with much extensive menu. In short, it is impossible to look pass such good establishment.