Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant

Chicken Rice is a common lovable dish in Malaysia. Comes in multiple variations, it is a dish that is enjoyable by most if not all. But the usual chicken rice is so common that you can find it anywhere and can get a bit boring. Which is why Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant decided to throw something new into the mix and served chicken rice, only the rice are shaped into balls. It is popular for a Chinese restaurant serving Hainanese Chicken Rice, to serve steamed chicken instead of the usual roast. The serving comes in the form of steamed chicken with some vegetables with soy sauce poured over, a number of rice balls and Huang Chang own homemade chilli sauce.  

Located in Taman Melaka Baru, the people of Malacca like to have their chicken rice for breakfast. And what is rumoured to be the locals favourite Chicken Rice Ball restaurant (there are other restaurant selling a similar dish), the queue here can get long and last well until the restaurant closes. Of course, the line is a lot worse come weekends and holidays where the whole family would come out and savour Huang Chang rice balls with steamed chicken. To make things easier for this very busy restaurant, the owners have come up with a system to order and pay before getting a seat and wait for the food to arrive. During busy days, it is pretty much a continuous cycle; order, pay, eat and leave. Because of the amount of people waiting to sit in your seat there isn’t much time for lounging around. Priced lower than similar dishes on Jonker Walk, it is no wonder customers are willing to travel outside of the main city. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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