Hoo Khiew Prawn Cracker Noodles Melaka

Hoo Khiew Prawn Cracker Noodles is a stall located at Jalan Tengkera, Melaka serving mouth-watering Prawn Crackers and Fish Ball Noodle that will definitely bring back some nostalgia. Operates in a converted house where the front yard is turned into dining area and an unmoving pushcart where the owner would cook the delicacies, this joint has been around for years now. In each bowl of noodle that they serve, you will get a pile of delightful crispy deep-fried prawn crackers and springy fish balls. However, there are no usual garnishing like spring onions or bean sprouts added in the soup except for crunchy fried shallots in oil that gives it the perfect touch of flavour.


Upon ordering, patrons will have to choose between three types of noodles; kuey teow, yellow noddles, or bee hoon. If you look around on every table, almost everyone would go for the kuey teow. Then, you will have to choose your desired portion – small, medium or large. You can also opt for the ‘extra ingredients’ option for more fish balls and prawn crackers. The soup is undeniably tasty, though some claim that this one might be a MSG-laden affair. If you want to avoid waiting for your table, it is best to come early. Don’t expect a super-fast service too. But hey, hawker food isn’t about speed. While waiting, why not reconnect or make conversation with the person next to you. Drink wise, they offer a pretty simple menu – barley water and herbal drinks.


For a nostalgic kind of food, head over here and have some noodles.

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Every day

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