Located in the centre of Melaka, Halia Inc Restaurant & Coffee Bar is operating in a-century-old custom warehouse by the Melaka River. With its vintage and rustic theme, patrons love to come in for a break from a long hot sunny day walking through the majestic streets of the historical city. The place has a calm and tranquil ambience to it, ideal for chilling with your family and friends. Operating as a restaurant and coffee bar, this local’s new favourite spot is serving palatable Western and local cuisine to feed the needs of Melaka folks and tourists. Apparently ginger is the most used ingredient in their dishes which explains the name of the eatery ‘Halia’ which means ‘ginger’.


From breakfast to desserts, almost everything that they are offering here is mouth-watering and delectable. For a Western kind of breakfast, go for their French Toasts. The bread is soaked in eggs and milk and then served with caramelized banana, crushed peanut, and a secret sauce. Egg Benedict and French fries are also one of the recommended dishes. No worries, they also have the Heart Nasi Goreng Set that is served in a three-layered ‘mangkuk bertingkat’ (tiffin tin) – Nyonya kuih, fried rice with prawns and a runny egg, a dessert and local fruits. What a perfect full meal breakfast.


For lunch, crispy fish and chips, crispy chicken chops, and pizza are among the crowds’ favourites. But if you’re into something local, Laksa Nyonya or Nasi Lemak Pandan would be the perfect choice for you. They also provide delicious cakes, pastries, brownies and desserts that are simply delicious. As for beverages, you can choose from all the refreshing drinks to all the rich coffee selections. The food, décor, and service are undeniably good which also makes them one of the top café in Melaka.