When speaking of Melaka it is near to impossible to not mention Melaka’s authentic delicacies along the line of generations where it has been and absolutely far from scarcely representing a part of the Malaysia’s past. Widely known around the globe, Baba and Nyonya’s cuisine is the epitome of legacy that simply cannot be missed and the gem that, until to date, has been honouring such treasures is Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine.

Tucked in the middle of bustling area of Bandar Hilir, Amy Heritage first opened its door back in 2007 helmed by the person Madam Amy Koh herself. Old but gold some would call her but Madam Amy Koh that stands firm in the family tree of Baba Nyonya long lineage does not hesitant to share her family’s recipes in a form of dishes. Helming the kitchen herself, she is definitely meticulous in handling the food that she will serve but of course it does not come to our surprise that any dish in the menu never cease to be delicious. Interior-wise, its clean, spacious and unpretentios, certainly matching the meals you're about to savour.

Classic interpretations of Nyonya cuisine would include the famous Ayam Pongteh, braised chicken and potatoes glazed with soy sauce or the Udang Goreng Asam, the classic dish of prawns braised in sweet and sour tamarind sauce. A bite of these two would drag its eater into a warm and fuzzy feeling somewhat similar to strolling down onto memory lane.

For a little lighter side dish, this house classic Pai Tee is also worth a shot. However, Amy Heritage’s pride goes to its Kangkung Kobis Keledek Masak Titik Lemak, a creamy masak lemak dish that claimed to be the Amy’s own only and not to be gotten anywhere else. This flavoursome place does come with a price. Apart from its slightly costly dishes, the place is almost always packed with people and would be a nightmare if reservation is not made beforehand, nevertheless it is worth every sweat and a buck there is. 

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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