Do you ever get that sudden craving of a simple burger that you can get from a humble roadside stall? If you do, you might want to check out a rather famous stall called Zam Burger located in Danau Kota area, Kuala Lumpur. The burger joint is set up at the owner’s front porch and starting from 6.00pm, the stall will start to be filled with patrons who wants to taste their delicious homemade burger. The place is so popular among the locals that if you come later than 9.00pm, you might miss out your chance to taste one of the best burger in town.


Abang Zam’s burgers gets the spotlight due to their delicious homemade patties and the generous amount of sauces added to each of the burger served to their customers. Zam Burger’s specialties are definitely their jumbo burgers, chicken chop burgers, Prime Beef burgers, and the very famous Super King burger. Each patty is made in-house with the perfect seasoning and size. In each bite, you will taste the juiciness, and the delicious sauces that will make your meal quite messy and greasy.


If you don’t feel like waiting for your burger to be prepared, call them up in advance and order. That way you won’t have to wait for a long time for your meal or be disappointed once they have sold out. Zam Burger is considered as a hidden gem by KL folks. Plus, with its location just a stone's throw from Uptown Danau Kota, Zam's burgers are simply drool-licious!

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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