Craving for that filling and drenched-in-curry Sri Lankan meal? Crave no more as this restaurant has got what you need! With spices imported from Sri Lanka, Yarl Restaurant at Brickfields has been opened for 6 years and the word ‘Yarl’ comes from Sri Lanka which means “Jaffna” – the capital city of Sri Lanka.

The interior of Yarl Restaurant is dimly-lit with framed pictures lined up on the walls, creating a relaxing atmosphere for patrons to have their meals in. Despite the blazing weather outside, the restaurant remains cooling due to the numerous fans they have (I’m not joking, we’re talking about 10 ceiling fans here).

The manager was very friendly and patient to explain each dish that he prepared, which includes plain appam, coconut milk and brown sugar appam, egg appam, lassi, mango lassi, Yarl egg tosai, kothu roti, crab pirattal and Ceylon tea. Starting from the drinks, the sweet and sour lassis were very pleasant - especially the mango one – while the Ceylon tea was very aromatic and milky, that is because cow’s milk is mixed in their tea.  Other than cow’s milk being the perfect combination for Ceylon tea, paper-thin edges and spongy centre of their appams go side by side with the tea – ideal for anyone who wants a light tea break.  

3 types of appam, 2 types of lassi, cow milk tea, kothu roti, crab prattal, egg tosai

Furthermore, we were served an egg tosai with curries on the sides, the egg tosai itself looks delectable and it is great to eat alone or with rice. The kothu roti, which looked like noodles, was a dish consists of a chopped-up roti canai with chicken curry but you can also opt for vegetarian, egg or mutton. Lastly, the manager prepared some rice for us to enjoy another one of their signature dish – crab pirattal, this dish is spicy and savoury so it is perfect when eaten with mouthfuls of white rice. 

Egg Tosai

Kothu Roti

Crab Pirattal

Mango lassi, original lassi

Cow milk tea

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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