Nestled within Nu Central of Kuala Lumpur, this particular cafe has garnered quite the reputation in dishing their rendition of the authentic Malay nasi kukus. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Brickfields where traditional Malay food is rather scarce, Warisan Cafe ensured that local food aficionados can get their piece of authentic nasi kukus action right smack in the middle of the cityscape.

In terms of its menu, a large portion of the food item is devoted to their rice. In Warisan, there are not just one or two types of rice but five variants in total –regular steamed rice, brown rice, pandan rice, santan rice (think nasi lemak), and last but not least rice infused with essence of morning glory. All fragrant and fluffy yet retaining a distinct flavor of their own, the different rice will spice up your meals in their own accord.

And what Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah is complete without the presence of another main component, the fried chicken. Using only whole chicken thighs in their rice dish, the chicken thigh is dipped into batter and marinated with 14 different spices –which, unfortunately, will remain as a secret; before tossing them into the deep-fry. The result is a fried chicken that is both decadently tender and bursting of flavours. Coupled with rice that makes up the nasi kukus, patrons will be glued to their chairs as they munch through this scrumptious dish that is simplicity at best.

There are also noodle dishes available if you are not that keen to take in the Malaysian staple during your meal at Warisan. From Mee Siam to Mee Kuah Ketam, there is much to choose from. For lighter bites, one can opt for any other items available in their snack section.