Nestled at one of Kuala Lumpur's busiest commercial areas, Vivo American Pizza & Panini proves itself as one of the stronger contenders in the F&B industry, especially when it calls for scrumptious sandwiches and flavourful pizzas.

With a wide selection of dishes to choose from, though Vivo clearly specialises in pizza and panini of Italian origins; patrons can opt for a hearty meal with friends and family at any given time of the day, especially after a long bout of shopping spree. Muslim folks can also join in the culinary fray as Vivo adheres to the policy of not serving pork so that everyone can have a go at what they have to offer.

In terms of their pizza, aside from being made from scratch using in-house dough, Vivo also uses a generous amount of all-time favourite cheese, the mozzarella cheese. Baked under close scrutiny of their chefs, Vivo's pizzas are nothing short of consistent in terms of flavour, texture and toppings. Same goes with their panini in which patrons can indulge themselves with a range of different fillings consisting of either poultry or fish.

Of course, if you are not in the mood for Italian pizzas and panini, feel free to browse through their list of chops, which may contain something of your like. From chicken chops -grilled or fried; to salmon steaks, pastas to sausage platters, all these dishes will tantalise your taste buds with its unique burst of flavours. At any rate, you can count on the fact that Vivo will not let you leave its premises without a cheery smile on your face.