If you’re an avid cafe hopper, it’s time to add this cafe into that growing list and check it off soon! Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, VCR is a Melbourne inspired cafe that specializes in coffee and cakes. Originated from a space that used to rent movies and VCRs, VCR Cafe Kuala Lumpur is a refurbished antique corner-lot building that turned into one of the most popular cafes in Kuala Lumpur.

The stunning-looking eatery is painted all black on the exterior making it unique and appealing for people who passes by. The interior is beautifully designed with rustic elements, high ceiling, and natural lighting. On the first floor, there is a cosy and calming space with rattan chairs furniture and large windows enabling you to view the lovely green scenery of the calm neighborhood.

VCR aims to serve a unique twist with their dishes for individuality as well as attracting tourists with their specialty coffees! Even though they specializes in coffee and cakes but since we’re FOOD advisor, therefore we’re gonna focus on their signature mains instead! 

Starting off, we had the Big Breakfast which is platter that contains every essential breakfast item! As classic as it can get with a combination of flavorful toast,sausages and veggies, this platter is the perfect hearty dish to start off your mornings!

Big Breakfast

Following up is their Turkish Style Eggs or you might know them as Menemen which is a traditional Turkish dish most commonly eaten for breakfast! This sizzling pan of eggs surrounded by chickpeas tossed in tomato sauce is the perfect dip to a crunchy piece of toast! 

Turkish Style Eggs

Still can’t get enough of toasted crunchy yet soft bread? After breakfast, brunch may be calling out for those that can’t get enough. Eggs on toast that’s smothered with a side of sashimi sounds very tempting and just too good to refuse! This Surf n Turf is definitely the perfect brunch delicacy! 

Surf n Turf

If you decided to go for lunch instead, the Soft Shell Crab Burger may intrigue you! Tantalize your taste buds with this ultimate combination of a burger which incorporates a soft shell crab sandwiches in between soft toasty buns and a sunny side up for added creaminess! 

Soft Shell Crab Burger

It’s finally time for the grand finale of the meal! Finish off with this French Toast to celebrate your satisfying meal at VCR! The toast is toasted to perfection and topped with a scoop of ice cream alongside some jam and crumbs for a quintessential sweet touch! 

French Toast

To abbreviate the visit, VCR is a MUST visit spot for cafe and coffee lovers for a taste of a contemporary twist on some iconic dishes! Whether you’re a tourist visiting KL or someone that’s sightseeing in town, this place should have a place in your itinerary as there’s no experience like other at VCR! 

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