A passionate fan of cakes and pastries? If you are, then the odds are that you've heard of Tokyo Pastry located in the hustling bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Quintessentially a bakery-cum-cafe of sorts that churns out quite the diverse variety of baked goods and hand-crafted coffees, this place is a haunt for those in need for a sweet fix or caffeine dose.

In essence, the moment you set foot into the premises, the characteristic whiff of bakery that permeates the air will hit your nose, lightly insinuating that there are delicious baked good waiting ahead. And sure enough, as you peruse their rather extensive menu, you will soon realise that you are spoilt for choices as there will be too many cakes or pastries to choose from and all of them good. From scrumptious cakes to sweet macaroons, crumbly tarts to layered mille crepes, you're bound to come back another few more time to cover the range of desserts or snacks they have.

On the other hand, if you're a voracious eater looking for food which are somewhat substantial in portion, Tokyo Pastry sports quite a dab hand in dishing out sumptuous meals that caters to all your whims and wants when it comes to Western derived cuisines such as pastas, chops and steaks as well as burgers and sandwiches. Feel free to take your pick for there is sure something for everyone.

That aside, to top off your eating experience here in Tokyo Pastry, their artfully hand-brewed coffee is a mandatory order if you ever find yourself sitting within its cosy parlour. Look for their flavoured latte which comes in two refreshing flavours -mint or cucumber; and chances are, you will be having a new favourite when it boils down to coffee.