Homemade cakes and cookies are always the best. Plus, having a shop that specialises only in bakery products is even better. Tini Cake & Cookies offers an assortments of sweet delicacies and can cater large cakes and cookies bookings. The fact that their business was established in the year 2001, proves that their desserts has been on demand up until now.


Founded by Datin Hartini Abd Gani, this cake house is not operated like the usual bakery shops, instead she opened a shop with a kopitiam concept. Breads, cakes, biscuits are among the products that you can find at this ‘kopitiam’. The strong and independent lady tried her luck by opening her first business at PERNAMA Lumut, Perak. Eight years later, she takes her business to a new level by moving to Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur for a larger market.


This cake house provides a variety of bakery goods, from tarts to cakes, you name it all. For tart ranges, customers can order different kinds of delicious tarts – Blueberry Cheese Tart, Choco Milk Tart, and Traditional Pine Tart. For cookies, you can have Chocolate Crunch Cookies, Chocolate Almond and Coffee Cookies, White Coffee Cookies, and many more.


They also offer various ‘kuih raya’ selections that you can order in normal jars or in hamper packages for gifts. If you want to order birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or cakes for any occasion, you can always contact their number and deal with them directly in terms of cake types and dates of your event. Try scrolling down their Facebook page, you can see people ordering unique kind of wedding cakes like Harley Davidson’s Motorcycle wedding cake. How cool is that? Not only do they provide delicious products, but they also sell it at a very reasonable price. No wonder her business is still growing and people keep on coming for more.