Located in Bangsar, The Daily Grind is one comfortable joint that serves all food similar to a cafe but the difference is they take pride solely in their handmade gourmet burgers. Upon entering, you're sure to be impressed by the clever mix of industrial and modern decor that invites a few snaps for your Instagram feed. 

If you are already hooked on their 'Nibbles' menu which is filled with many mouth-watering snacks like Cheesy or Chicken Nachos, Calamari Rings or even the stuffed Jalapeno Peppers, wait till you are being introduced to their burgers or the main course section.

Do not let the price help you decide what you are going to consume, let your heart influence your brain instead. Starting with the burgers, The Daily Grind takes their patty-making strategy very seriously where it is always grinded and moulded freshly before placed in front of you. The burgers are always drizzled with sauces that they whip up themselves in the kitchen for a more original flavour.

Besides delicious patties, the french fries as the side also has a spotlight all to themselves. This is because they are perfectly fried that there is no flaw to be found in them. Golden and crunchy and evenly seasoned; how well do you love your fries? If you want it on its own, take the Dog's Dinner and be prepared to be delighted!

Their waffles can also be made into a meal. See it to believe it because they are no ordinary servings. They are beautifully baked into a thick crispy texture before stuffed with your favourite toppings. Choose the strawberry one and you will be graced with fresh chilled strawberries together with whipped cream and then further enhanced with powdered sugar. If you look at it from the top view, it looks like a face grinning at you.

Not forgetting about their pancakes, maybe the main reason they are always amusing is because there is a barbie doll as a decor and the dish itself is its dress. Beautifully glazed with chocolate syrup, the plate is a peanut butter and grilled banana haven to all. Even their cakes are worth the closure of every meal you have here. The tall tier of Red Velvet Cake has always caught everybody's eye and you can never deny you will be tempted to have it as well. Wash it all down with their thick and rich milkshake.

All in all, The Daily Grind is a spot for all walks of life to eat to their heart's content and leave the space grinning all the way.