Tie up your hair, roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig into a whole trail of seafood at TeeKaapi Indian Cuisine. This Indian-Western fusion restaurant located at Batu Caves offers an extensive menu of Indian cuisines, western cuisines and a mix of both but their Shell Out and Crabby Chick Stack definitely steals the show.

Tea and coffee are also the highlights of the place as the name of the restaurant – “TeeKaapi” originates from the words “tea” and “coffee” being said in a quick manner by Indian vendors that sell tea and coffee. The interior of the restaurant is spacious, but every corner is embellished with paintings and pictures, making the ambience of the restaurant very relaxed and perfect for families to feast and friends to meet up.

We were introduced to two of their signature dishes – Crabby Chick Stack (RM22) and the infamous Shell Out (RM100). Firstly, we were served tea or coffee by the waiter in a small little tray, tea and coffee were both extremely milky. The Crabby Chick Stack was a wholesome chicken burger topped with a soft-shelled crab, it tasted amazing and we already felt full after a few bites, so we stopped as we cannot forget about the Shell Out! Watching the waiter pour out the Shell Out was fascinating, we dug in immediately along with some white rice to balance out the spiciness and tanginess of the dish.

Crabby Chick Stack, Signature Shell Out

What’s special about the Shell Out at TeeKaapi Indian Cuisine is that they serve it on banana leaves instead of typical plastic or newspapers, which we personally thought was a great and clean way to feast on seafood. If you’re looking for a shell out place to feast on, TeeKaapi Indian Cuisine is your place to be. 

Signature Shell Out (RM100)

Crabby Chick Stack (RM22)

Tea and coffee

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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