In the busy concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur where many restaurants are planted for hungry goers to indulge in their daily dose of local cuisine. Restoran Sin Hiap Kee has become one of the many popular eateries around the busy streets of Jalan Brunei Selatan. When looked at far many assume that it is an Indian rice corner because of how the food looks. However, the food is essentially cooked by a Chinese lady. The lady cook was situated at a different location previously but shifted to KL to continue her business.

The restaurant is tucked in the corner this restaurant has been in business for several years and has attracted many customers back because of her well-cooked dishes. The restaurant is a typical ‘Kopitiam style of a setting. There is fans place around the restaurant so that the restaurant is cooling. The ventilation isn’t the best so do note that the restaurant may get humid and very hot especially when the weather is scorching hot.


Sin Hiap Kee’s signature dish is none other than the curry fish head. Often times the curry tastes slightly different but it always turns out as good because she mixes her spices well allowing to them to infuse into the curry until perfection.

Aside from her famous curry fish head, there are a plethora of scrumptious dishes such as the mutton curry, tantalising spicy green sambal, curry lala and fried chicken. The dishes can be served in a mixed economy rice style for those individuals or served in several dishes as some eat in groups. There's also a chee cheong fan stall that's placed right outside the restaurant. 

To those fish head curry lovers, this restaurant is sure not to be missed. So grab your partner, friend, family or just yourself and head on over to Sin Hiap Kee for a good meal. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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