Satay has become a way of life here in Malaysia. Whoever thought of the idea to put pieces of meat on a wooden skewer is a genius. Then the creation of spicy and savoury, usually peanut, sauces is like the icing on top of a cake and seals the whole deal together. A dish that is uniquely available on in Southeast Asia, it has slowly spread to other parts of the world so that more people could enjoy such a dish.

Satay Sri Melaka is one of the many satay joints around Klang Valley. Although has yet to enjoy the popularity of Satay Kajang Hj. Samuri, the people who were fortunate to come across this establishment has only good words to say.

Satay Sri Melaka is currently only a joint in the food court Medan Selera AU5 in KL. Therefore, they decided to focus on the varieties that are most popular and would sell the most. Only chicken, beef, liver and intestines satays are available here. But they made up for it by offering other dishes like the crowd favourite, Bakso, a dish that originated from Indonesia, and other Noodle Soups.

The stall is almost always full of people, so it is best to be here nice and early. Because of the crowd, having a table can prove to be quite a feat as well. Although opened until quite late, beware that it is common for them to run out of satay later in the night. Price-wise, it has gone up slightly over the years because KL’s restaurant scene can be competitive, but it is still a taste worth trying.