Located in the heart of the city, Sao Nam @ Tengkat Tong Shin opens their doors to welcome patrons in immersing themselves in a rich, authentic Vietnamese gastronomical experience like no other. Yellow on the outside, mellow on the inside, Sao Nam allows customers to sit back, relax and absorb the good vibes while they await their respective Vietnamese delights.

In terms of their menu, their dishes are traced back all the way to their roots back in their home-soil, hence every plate is a representation of Vietnamese culture and history. Known for their culinary style of ensnaring all 5 different tastes of the palate on a single dishes, Sao Nam serves quite the bomb from their kitchen.

Their signature dishes include the Mangosteen & Prawn salad, Vietnamese pancake, and Fresh Prawn Spring Rolls, just to name a few. In terms of their Mangosteen & Prawn salad, the presence of plump tiger prawns, sweet sourish mangosteens, grated fragrant coconut, crunchy peanuts, aromatic sesame seeds, and dried squid flown from Vietnam along with the chef's handmade kumquat dressing, the dish is on a league of it's own.

The Vietnamese pancake, a window to the culturally rich Vietnamese cuisine, is not far off from the Mangosteen & Prawn salad in terms of taste, too. Stuffed with minced chicken, prawns & bean sprouts, enhanced by the present of fresh coconut milk, turmeric powder and a copious amount of spring onions, served with in-house fish dip, this is one tasty and healthy dish. To top things off, the mint leaves garnishing helps make for a more refreshing gastronomical adventure.

The Fresh Prawn Spring Rolls are a hit with the crowd as well. Bite-sized servings of meticulously made rolls, with a whole succulent prawn in every roll, the dish literally screams delight in every mouthful. It's a gastronomical sin, not to try it when you are all the way in Sao Nam.

Do note however, that during business hours, the place is more likely full than not, so reservations for seats is highly recommended if one wishes to make patronage to this authentic Vietnamese food joint.

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