When it comes to steaks, some health conscious Malaysians would think twice about going for the dish, however, the majority out there simply do not give to chickens about it. Rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, definitely is worth eating once in a while as a treat to yourself or as comfort food for the ones that you love. Steaks are best known for its grilled nature, juicy texture and rich flavours. High quality cuts of meat and fresh ingredients are also important in making that perfect dish. 

Nestled amidst the very commercialised and dense residential area of Bangsar, Ril’s Bangsar is a place to consider should you ever find yourself looking for a casual fine dining restaurant for a night out with friends or family. The ambience of this restaurant does indeed make the place stand out from the rest. The spacious and elegant restaurant is open to cater for the hungry lunch appetites and dinner starvers with a classic and unique fine dining dinner. Steaks are their specialty. 

So let us talk a little bit about the steaks. Flavourful meat is sourced from the best in the business for the juiciest and most tender cuts cooked at very high heat to bring out the best from the meat, later finished in the oven for the perfect doneness, and laid to rest for the flavour to develop before serving to the eagerly waiting appetites seated outside. Other than steaks, lamb shanks are also available and for the cheesecake fans out there, you guessed it, they have it here.