Never imagined that Popiah can taste just as good accompanied by soup? Imagine no further and experience for yourself at Restoran Sup & Popia Zaiton Hussin located in Taman Setapak, right behind the mosque. To be more precise, the shop is at the right of Jalan Pahang; directly after Duke Highway on a tiny alleyway by the name of Jalan Puah Jaya.

As presented by their signage, hey have a list of available exotic soups like cow stomach, ox tail, ‘torpedo’, tongues of ox and goat, cow feet and the common ones like chicken and beef or 'Sup Tulang'. The usual mutton soup ‘sup kambing’ is the one soup that attracts the customers like ants to honey. The broth is boiled to be very thick and tasty, full with the succulent and juicy meat that you have ordered. You can have the soup on its own or accompany it with a plain plate of rice and a few other dishes to make it into a rather fulfilling meal. Normally, patrons like the soup to be taken with slices of Roti Benggali; which they believe enhances the flavour of the soup.

Besides the soup, the signage also suggests good popiah (spring roll). With their own twist, the popiah here is prepared slightly wet filled with the usual ingredients like turnip slices and tofu. It is then heaviy flavoured with turmeric and then generously topped with some sweet and spicy sauce. The pastry has a thick texture to it and very palatable.

Like other ‘mamak’ stalls, they too have an extensive menu which includes Nasi Briyani (available on Fridays), Mee Goreng, Nasi Ayam and etcetera. You have to be prepared for a full-house every time you visit the place; whether it is for lunch or just for a random meal of the day.