Restoran Rose (Masakan Minang/ Padang) Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Rose is an Indonesian restaurant that specialises in cuisine from the Padang district of Sumatra and the Minangkabau Highlands in West Sumatra. The mainstay of this restaurant is of course the Nasi Padang, the Indonesian version of mixed rice. While trays are used to store some of the sides, the tradition of staking plates and bowls of these sides is also practised here, already showing an initiative to retain the feel of a nasi padang outlet in Indonesia.

With regards to retaining a menu that's true to its Indonesian roots, Restoran Rose does that successfully with a wide spread of side dishes at your fingertips. Sides like stingrays, kelabu vegetables, sambals, and fish can be added to your plate of steamed white rice. Fried rice can also be ordered in place of steamed rice. You can also have nasi gurih; a dish similar to nasi lemak. Besides rice dishes, a major part of Sumatran cuisine is Satay Minang. This is a favourite among regulars during dinner time, or as a snack for supper. A choice of either chicken or beef satay can be made based on preference. It is accompanied with nasi impit and the satay minang sauce. For those who are looking for something more familiar, satay with peanut sauce is also available.

So if you're looking to experience the taste and flavours of Sumatra, look no further than Restoran Rose. While it may be low-key, it is slowly but surely garnering attention from foodies, so it is definitely worth a try.