Located on the highest floor of Solaris Mont Kiara, Little Korea restaurant brings about the closest experience anyone can get in terms of authentic Korean cuisine. If the presence of eager and rowdy Korean folks are not assuring enough, fret not and let the dishes do the talking instead. 

Already reputable among local Korean food aficionados staying around the area, Little Korea has plenty to offer in terms of their rendition of dishes hailing from the Korean culinary scene. First and foremost, what Korean restaurant is complete without the all-too-familiar-BBQ component and here in Little Korea, they have one of the best grills in town to go along with the most succulent of marinated meats. Ranging from chicken to beef, lamb and most importantly pork -sorry, guys, this place is non-halal; patrons can have a fill of proteins along with a variety of side-dishes -kimchi broth and steamed egg included; which are ultimately free-flow. Yes, unlimited refills.

And if you can ever shift your nose away from the wafting scent of sizzling meats to continue perusing the menu, you will find Little Korea has a lot of other things available as well. From the exotic dakgalbi (grilled chicken with spicy Korean red paste) or bulgogi (marinated beef dish) to the all time Korean comfort food tteokbokki (rice cakes), bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) and jeon (pancakes), patrons will be hard pressed to exit the premises disappointed. 

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