Serving street delicacies for years, Kah Hing Restaurant’s business is brisk and smooth everyday with patrons coming in for more and more Vietnamese cuisine. Simple and home-style interior with no fancy ambience, this restaurant is simply well-known for its mouth-watering street fares. Specialises in Vietnamese delicacies, this place is also run and managed by Vietnamese locals which ensures the authenticity of the food. Diners is allured to stop by due to the fact that it serves pork. Even though the menu is limited to only noodles and some light munchies, but that’s enough to fill your empty tummy with what they do best; noodle dishes.


Vietnamese Coffee is a must-try here. Pure and rich is how people describe the drink. They use small metal coffee press that allows the coffee to drip slowly into a cup to produce jolts of caffeine enough to compete with the Italian espresso. Ca phe da or Ca phe sua da is what Vietnamese called their coffee, and apparently their coffees are very strong with deep aroma. If you prefer the milk version, it is sweet with strong bitterness.


Start your meal with the very famous Vietnamese Springroll. The snack is made of crispy rice paper enveloping minced meat and chopped vegetables. Just like the ones in Vietnam. Complete it with a nice dip into the pungent garlic, chili and fish sauce. Another must-try dsh is the Pork Steak Mee. It consists of a salad of chilled noodles, lettuce, grilled lean pork steak, roasted peanuts and the distinctive garlic, fish sauce and chili dressing. All you have to do is mix everything up and taste all kind flavours from spicy to sweet.


Drive over to Kah Hing Restaurant to enjoy nice and simple Vietnamese noodles and caffeine at a really affordable price. Oh did we mentioned that it is always packed on weekends and closes in the afternoon? So, plan your schedule right!