Nestled within the premises of Pavilion, a renown upper echelon shopping gallery in Kuala Lumpur, this particular Korean restaurant brings about a myriad of culinary flavours hailing from the Republic. 

In essence, Da On Fine Korean Cuisine restaurant lives up to its namesake in a sense that potential customers will experience nothing short of culinary classiness, from the ambience of the environment to the top-notch service and most importantly, the overall authentic Korean dishes which had reeled in countless of patrons passing by.

In terms of its menu, much of its items are revolved around the concept of grilling, where succulent pieces of meat -particularly the all-too-decadent pork belly; are seared to perfection on a hot plate positioned right smack in the middle of the table. And in case you are torn between wanting to have a authentically hearty Korean meal and trying to stay odourless -the ONLY bad side of any Korean BBQ; fret not for even the ventilation system is highly advanced, ensuring that no BBQ odour prevails. Simply put, Da On prioritise their customers' best interests at heart. 

But we disgress. Aside from the delectable grilled meats (choice between chicken, pork, beef and lamb), Da On also churns out quite the fare of rice (bibimbap), noodles (naengmyeon), soups and also pancakes (jeon) hence patrons can have their pick of what is on the menu, if they can ever pry their eyes away from the grill, that is.