Restoran Bismillah Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Bismillah is a Mamak restaurant specialising in dishes like nasi kandar and nasi briyani. This establishment has been at the cornerstone of nasi kandar since 1972, and has continued to draw massive crowds during the lunch hours. Nothing to shout about the ambience, it's spacious but commonly bustling. 

As mentioned before, the specialities of Restoran Bismillah include nasi kandar and biryani rice, so customers can expect to get a myriad of curries and side dishes to go along with their steaming hot plate of white rice or biryani rice. Along with the usual suspects such as chicken curry, fish curry, turmeric cabbages and much more, there are two other side orders that Restoran Bismillah is known for, which are the fried chicken and the honey chicken.

The honey chicken especially has been a perennial favourite amongst the regulars at Restoran Bismillah as there aren't that many places that serve it. However, should the lunch crowd be too overwhelming, or if nasi kandar and nasi biryani are not your flavour for the day, the restaurant is open from the wee hours of the morning till midnight. You can also have other familiar items like nasi lemak, murtabak and roti canai should you not be in the mood for either nasi kandar or nasi biryani.

So if you're ever around Kuala Lumpur, and are looking for a rich, spicy, and flavourful plate of rice and curry, you should definitely make your way to Restoran Bismillah. Having stood the test of time for more than 4 decades, and having a name that continues to grow with time; coming here to dine should be a no-brainer.