Paratha Crispy Popiah @ KL Festival City Mall Setapak

Recently opened at KL Festival City Mall, Paratha Crispy Popiah has made its way into the hearts of Malaysians ever since the original branch at Jaya One. Preparing local delicacies with an Indian touch and introducing new creations of Popiah, Paratha has the ability to bring Malaysians together for a good meal.

Their signature and recommended dish is the original crispy popiah. What makes it more delicious than the others is that there is a crunch in every bite. The popiah wrapping is neatly maintaining all the fillings within which consists of raw sengkuang, bits of egg omelettes and chicken floss; not forgetting some fried batter which causes it to be deliciously crunchy. All ingredients combined complements each other and therefore makes it a palatable dish.

Establishing as the first of its kind, Paratha announces the Seaweed Popiah selections. Instead of the usual popiah skin, premium seaweed is used to wrap the toppings and topped with imported bonito fish flakes to counter for the ‘healthy’ part. A handful of patrons preferred the Taiwanese version of this seaweed selection but you can try out the ones which have a thumbs up next to them as ‘recommended’.

Another common serving ordered by many is the homemade Taufu Sumbat. It is somewhat cooked similar to the style of popiah where you get some fried taufu stuffed with shredded carrots, cucumber and sengkuang before being drizzled with prawn paste, homemade sauce and layered with crushed peanuts.

If you are there for a proper meal, Paratha offers set lunch promotions which differs daily from 12 p.m. up to 3 p.m. Your meal comes together with a plate of Penang rojak together with free flow of Ice Lemon Tea. You can also opt for the PCP favourites which include rice dishes, noodles and Western choices as well.