In a generation where Korean drama and pop dominates the Asian community, well at least here in Malaysia. So, when someone, say your friend, mentions to you that you should have Korean food for dinner, would you immediately accept it? Or would you go for the more typical food that you always have? Kimchi, bibimbap, toppoki, and many more. Do you immediately think about those food when it comes to Korean food? Well, at least here in Malaysia, one can safely say Korean food is more like comfort food rather than a usual meal, but do not get the wrong idea, there are those who do. 

Anyway, this restaurant, Namoo on the Park is nestled in the Solaris Dutamas, or more specifically, the mall known for its wide amount of eateries and cafes, Publika Shopping Gallery. Being in a mall like Publika, the restaurant does have a lot to catch up on. Fear not, it does exactly that and more. What does it mean that? Well, for starters, the restaurant has a very cosy yet not overly sophisticated décor and the exterior of the restaurant is easily spotted from a mile away, not literally, due to its clever and elegant outdoor design and beautiful logo displayed proudly for many to see. 

Inside, the design can be said the same for the outside, in other words, picture friendly. Service here is also not something to be overlooked upon because they offer great and friendly as well as helpful service for all those who enter its doors. Specializing in desserts, there is a wide range of mouth-watering desserts to choose from, brownies included as well as proper meals. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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