MyLaksa was founded to ensure that everyone can have a taste of Penang wherever they are, and what better dish to bring forward than the iconic Original Penang Asam Laksa as our Signature dish.

Their Malaysian Executive Chef at the helm of MyLaksa’s kitchen, rest assured that all our Signature Original Penang Asam Laksa is always prepared using the original recipe - no shortcuts. To best describe our Asam Laksa – it is hot, aromatic, sweet, sour, spicy and KAW KAW (thick & rich), just like the ones you would taste along Penang’s street food stalls. Each bowl of Original Penang Asam Laksa is served with the Malaysian pride in mind, the #TasteofUnity and to have fans coming back for more!

Additionally, MyLaksa has also launched it's Frostee™ shaved ice dessert series, to complement the Asam Laksa for a touch of sweetness to the spice, giving customers a unique hot & cold experience in a variety of flavours.

Most importantly, all their ingredients are 100% Halal certified!