Mooheebaa @ Arkadia Kuala Lumpur

Mooheebaa @ Arkadia's beef broth is like no other. A Perpetual Broth NEVER stops simmering, its flavours evolving and maturing with each passing day, and theirs have been on the fire since 12 November 2020. They continue to watch over it faithfully, topping up roasted bones, aromatics and spices when needed.

Meanwhile, the team at Mooheebaa prepare beef brisket, beef balls, tendon, tripe, tongue, lips and lung individually, as each requires their special way of preparation to become deliciously tender and ready to absorb all the wonderful flavours from the broth.

The extraordinary, rich broth is served with various combinations of these beef parts, loads of veggies, a choice of noodles, rice or bread, and a special chilli vinegar sauce to give it that extra kick. It’s a hearty, healthy and utterly gratifying bowl that is more than just a meal, but also an enduring experience.

Apart from all that divine bovine goodness, at Mooheebaa, they try not to leave anyone out so they have fares of Lamb, Duck & Chicken as well!