A la carte buffet restaurants are becoming a preference for diners over the traditional buffet and one of the to-go places for a la carte Japanese buffet would be Mitasu Japanese Restaurant located at Central Plaza. The restaurant is simply designed to a Japanese-like ambience casual dining restaurant which is furnished with wooden dining chairs and tables. The space is decorated with Japanese –related decorations such as sake bottles, Japanese themed wallpapers. If you are going in a group, you can request to be seated in one of their private rooms. Otherwise, you can consider sitting on the sushi bar where you could witness the carvings of sushi by the chefs. Pre-bookings are highly recommended to avoid not getting a table.

One of the highlights of Mitasu Japanese Restaurant is that it does not impose and time limits for diners to enjoy their meal. And to get the most out of what they pay, customers usually go for their assorted sashimi and fresh seafood such as Oyster, Prawns and many others. Other than their sashimi and sushi choices, also try their signature dishes like the Unagi Kobayaki with Cream Sauce or the Raw Fish with Japanese Yam.

Hot meals are also available to be ordered in the menu which offers a broad selection of sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, donburi and yakimono. Definitely give their Wakame Udon and Fried Octopus a try as it is one of their highly recommended dishes. Perfect the meal with a scoop of matcha or black sesame ice cream which are also hot items on the menu.

In a nutshell, you might want to consider to list Mitasu as one of your options when you are looking for a place for family and friends gathering. 

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